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Divine Angel Wings White Howlite Bracelet

Divine Kristall

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Divine Angel Wings White Howlite Bracelet

The Angel Wings is very special as it is a symbol of angels who symbolize protection, purity, courage, love harmony, and protection. They provide us with happiness, hope, and faith. It is believed that angels reside in heaven and it is said that everyone has a guardian angel of their own. Howlite stones have a lovely soothing energy that will help to alleviate stress. They may help to calm fits of anger and bad temper, and will aid you to deal with belligerent or aggressive people. Their spiritual healing energy may calm both you and the other person. They have extremely useful metaphysical properties that may also heighten the level of patience you are feeling about what is happening. For anyone having sleeping difficulties, place a piece under your pillow as it is known to alleviate insomnia. They are beneficial third eye and crown chakra stones that are helpful used in meditation and for researching past lives. This is a exquisite bracelet it can also be used as a necklace. High class look in addition to all the wonderful properties of the White Howlite. Note this White Howlite is of very good quality.

**These are natural Crystals and Stones. No one like the other. Every single item has its own look, color and shape**